European Audit Comission for Commitments and Guarantees

In today’s financial world, trust is essential, but verification is key. Bank guarantee letters play a vital role in securing transactions and business by protecting the parties involved. However, forgeries and irregularities can have devastating consequences.

What do we offer?

EACCG.org, an initiative of the Global Ethic Foundation, comes to your aid by offering, in the spirit of transparency and ethics, a FREE service to verify the veracity and authenticity of a bank, non-bank, insurance, contractual and/or labor and/or service letter commitments . Our commitment is to guarantee transparency, confidentiality and efficiency in the verification process.

How does it work?

1. Completing the required fields: Complete the mandatory fields requested here.
2.Processing and Analysis: Our advanced system will analyze and verify the authenticity of the document against bank databases and security criteria.
3.Report: After the verification is completed, you will receive a detailed report on the authenticity of the bank guarantee letter.


Benefit from advanced document verification technology


Minimize wait times and get prompt responses.


Your data is secure and is used for verification purposes only.


Being a public service, it does not charge users any fees.

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